Chris Hanford | Straight Teeth
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Straight Teeth


We are delighted to welcome Dr Jas Jandoo and Dr Chris Hanford to Wessington Dental. Chris and Jas are very gentle and caring Dentists offering many years of experience and knowledge.


Jas and Chris are pleased to be able to offer two of the latest orthodontic treatments available on the market, creating the perfect smile using short-term orthodontics.


We offer orthodontics treatments to patients across the North East, so if you’re looking for a best-in-class service and treatment, contact us today to book your appointment.

Short Term Orthodontics falls into two main categories:
Clear removable braces (which can work faster than traditional braces)

The appliances are taken out for eating and daily cleaning procedure, they are so transparent there is no need to remove them for important social occasions and business meetings.

Cosmetic fixed braces

For our fixed appliance we use clear brackets and tooth coloured wires. This treatment is almost invisible – most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

How do I look after my teeth and my braces?

Its very important to keep your dental appliances / teeth as clean as you can. Wearing a dental appliance can increase food trapping and plaque build up. Regular appointments with our hygienists would be advisable.

Does the treatment hurt?

All dental appliances may cause some discomfort and feel unusual at first. However, this means that the treatment is working and you’re moving towards straight teeth.

The Benefits
  • Straighter teeth are easier to clean, and therefore help in maintaining a healthy mouth and gums.
  • Six months is an amazingly short time to solve crowded teeth problems (compared to years ago) Being quite kind on the teeth, this system uses only small amounts of force to shape the smile
  • This treatment can give you the confidence boost you’ve been longing for and give you that perfect smile you have been dreaming of. Perfect if you want a quick fix for that special day whether it’s a big birthday or your wedding day.


What happens when the treatment is finished?

We advise you to wear retainers. Opinions include:

  • Plastic retainer – to wear at night to stop any teeth from moving
  • Wire retainers to be cemented at the back of your teeth

Make it a reality for you. Prices starting from only £999. View all of our prices HERE

Wessington Dental we offer 0% finance on many of our treatments which means you can pay off your treatment in instalments and not have to worry about paying it all at once.


To book a free consultation – contact one of our friendly Patient Care Team today… our Patient Coordinator will guide you through your patient journey.